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Hi everyone! I’m Jorge, a queer Latino quantum reiki healer who strives for truth through curiosity, love, and intuition. My beliefs come from a collection of different teachers, cultures, and past lives that I have integrated and experimented with. I believe it’s important to compare "new agey" beliefs with the beliefs of our ancestors. This is where true magic is born. Learn all that you can from different perspectives and make it your own. Life is but a collage of old and new ideas. I have experience in Shamanic Journeying, Sound Journeying, Akashic Records reading, Channeling, Crystal Healing, Card Reading, Breathwork, Quantum Healing, and Coaching but the services I am strongest in are offered below. Just as technology improves every day I believe spirituality should do the same. As I work daily to hone my gifts and discern what information is important to integrate, I create a deeper relationship with the worlds around me. Life is an ever-changing tide of new experiences and lessons. The everyday symbols that flow in and out of our lives help us understand the true language of energy and consciousness that animate everything. It’s our time to finally reclaim our power. Reclaim the parts of our soul that have been left behind to relive our traumas on a loop. It’s time to move forward and live the life your inner child always dreamed of. You already have everything you need but if you would like a guide or healer I would be honored to light the way. Learn more about my journey, manifesting, angels, expanding your perspective, and the cosmos through my podcast “Phone Home” (available on all streaming platforms). Woohoo! :)




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Gentle Guide Video Session

 — 60 minute session

Healing Through The Cosmos

Quantum Healing
Guided Meditation
Sound Healing
SUMMARY  "Healing Through The Cosmos" is a healing modality that combines Quantum Reiki Healing, Guided Meditation, and some Sound Healing in order to help heal the mind, body, and soul from a multitude of ailments. Part of the experience is feeling the energy, seeing colors, certain memories may pop up, or parts of your body may twitch. These are all releases and a result of receiving the multidimensional life energy this modality has access to. Since this modality has its own consciousness, every treatment is totally unique and tuned to your specific needs.

$111.00 / session